As soon as the Viagra Pfizer patent expiration date approached, many laboratories embarked on the exact replication of it, and so sildenafil, the active substance in Viagra, was reintroduced to the market under the form of Generic Viagra, but at a much cheaper price.

The generic composition is identical in its effects and in its quality, it has nothing to envy to the Pfizer brand. Generic Viagra also contains Sildenafil Citrate.

The only difference is the price and appearance of the package or pills and these pills are Kamagra manufactured by Ajanta pharma, Cenforce (Manufactured by Centurion laboratory), Aurogra (Manufactured by Aurochem laboratory, Caverta (Manufactured by Ranbaxy).

What is a generic medicine?
Generic and alternative products, whatever they are, are drugs that use the same active ingredient as the originals. However, they take advantage of the expiration of intellectual property protection to use the recipe, without having to perform the research which costs several hundredths of millions.

Once in the public domain, the composition becomes accessible to all and many laboratories then rush on it in order to offer alternatives at low prices.
Generic Viagra contains the same active ingredient or same component of Viagra, you can save a lot of money.
Count on average a reduction of more than 50% by opting for the generic, making this little blue pill really inexpensive. Don’t expect to find your usual blue diamondback. The appearance is not the same.

With the abundance of laboratories offering generics, prices are pulled down considerably, offering customers significant purchasing power gains.
However, beware of counterfeits which are plethora and play on the reputation of Viagra to offer similar names but in reality dangerous for health. Choose a reliable and serious site like ours to make your purchase.

Generic Viagra (Kamagra) is not an imitation but a competition!
Kamagra consists of exactly the same active ingredients, Sildenafil, which is also contained in the original Viagra.
Generic Viagra is, of course, much cheaper than the brand name product.

kamagra tablets gives advantage in ed treatment and promotions are offered, and you are rewarded for your loyalty. From the lowest dosage of Sildenafil 50mg per pill to the most popular highest dosage of 100mg you are spoiled for choice

Applications and Usage of Kamagra
Generic is recommended in adults suffering from erectile dysfunction (or impotence). Erectile dysfunction can have different causes; it can be due to hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hormonal disorders, or side effects of drugs.

Too much alcohol and tobacco or drug abuse can lead to serious problems with impotence.
A minimalist stream of blood in the penis does not help the stiffness of the phallus.
Being overweight and poor nutritional hygiene with no sport are the ideal circumstances for erection problems.
Mental factors such as stress or depression can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
Kamagra 100mg tablets treat all forms of potency problems from the first dose.

kamagra 100mg tablets uk does not create desire, however, it does not damage any nerve structure. Nervous drying (as in the case of paraplegics) is irreversible damage and cannot be cured with medication.

Kamagra 100mg tablets
kamagra sildenafil 100mg tablets In the medical literature, many experiments on these effects are listed and published; drugs for erectile dysfunction do not create sexual stimulation and have no effect on libido!

Viagra for each wallet
With its trade name of Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra is not only a cure for erectile dysfunction. It is also, a cult preparation that has made it easy to treat impotence.

Discovered by British researchers, Viagra was supposed to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, but its effects turned out to be much more unexpected and interesting. Because of this side effect, the demand for Viagra was so great that its use was completely redirected.

Men buy Kamagra without a prescription because they want to protect their privacy from the scrutiny of others. They are afraid of failure and want to have guaranteed to prevent a difficult situation.

Statistical data indicates that impotence occurs at least once in a lifetime with every man.

How does Viagra or Does Sildenafil Citrate work?
If your body fails and your erection does not occur during sexual stimulation, Viagra can improve blood flow to the penis, and that means success.
During trafficking, the blood remains in the penis, which allows coitus to be completed properly.
When the penis is full of blood, the man is able to satisfy his partner.
A lasting and pleasant result is guaranteed, the culminating objective will be reached! After ejaculation, the penis returns to a normal state.

Why medical consultation required
In order to buy super kamagra online uk you do not need a prescription, and medical advice is no longer an obligation but is nevertheless advised but self-medication is dangerous.

Especially if you have heart, liver, and kidney problems. Starting with consultations can help you choose your treatment wisely. Avoid possible complications that can make impotence irreversible. To help you, doctors can prescribe super Kamagra 160mg uk – capable of solving the problem of male impotence without delays.

Kamagra is the remedy of the fourth generation and it ensures a lasting effect. With this, the man can remain sexually activated for up to 9 hours! Although these pills are also blue, they are not diamond-shaped as they were. In fact, they are soft gelatin pills. This makes the preparation faster to absorb than regular Viagra tablets.

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Benefits of Generic Viagra
Safe for health: – Do not worry while taking this drug, Citrate is one of the most studied components on the modern market and this allows us to sell it without a prescription.

It is almost completely excreted from the body, only 0.0003% remains. It does not affect the quality of sperm; therefore, it is a desirable drug for couples who want a child, as it does not cause effects on embryo-fetal development.

Safe action: – The drug improves erection in 82% of men and lasts for about 4-5 hours. Of course, these figures depend on the individual characteristics of each person; however, a dose of the drug will be enough for a romantic evening or for several prolonged sexual intercourse.

A detailed description of drugs
It is not necessary to provide a prescription; we have compiled a technical data sheet on each product. The directions for use, contraindications, and ingredients of the drug will be listed. This detailed description of the products is intended to facilitate its use and to anticipate undesirable effects. Thus, a patient, who follows the directions to the letter, can take the drug without apprehension.

Why Do men look for Viagra without a prescription?
Fulfilling sexuality is synonymous with a happy partnership. If that doesn’t work in bed, a man may feel frustrated and depressed. Viagra is a suitable solution to this problem. Thanks to these active ingredients, it is one of the most famous drugs at the present time because of these proven and indisputable results. Note that Viagra is not available without a prescription in Germany; a healthcare professional should be consulted before use.

Erection problems for many men are taboo and it seems unfortunate to discuss them with the family doctor. Hence, this slightly crazy quest to get this little pill without a prescription by any means.

Erectile dysfunction is very common: – It is estimated that over 30 million men overcome this complication with Viagra. But be careful with or without a prescription, the pill does not create an erection. She contributes to it, nothing more. The man has to be awake for an erection to occur. It’s a myth that Viagra causes an erection instantly, it’s unreal. Sexual drive or desire is not increased while taking Viagra. The ingredient Sildenafil easily guarantees a longer erection.